Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Do you want to identify areas where energy is being wasted, increase your energy efficiency and thereby reduce your costs?

Talk to Ogham Engineering about how we can help your business make informed desisions, achieve energy cost savings and avoid waste with our Energy Monitoring Solutions and Energy Efficient Products.

Energy Monitoring

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) is an energy efficiency technique based on the standard principle stating that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”.

Lighting Controls

C-Bus can help you control your lighting and reduce your energy consumption.

Simple actions like dimming the lights on a bright sunny day, ensuring all lights are switched off at the end of the working day are all easy ways of reducing your energy bill. Ramping up the light level rather than switching on or off is another facility offered by C-Bus, which reduces the peak demand on your electrical network. C-Bus allows you to do all this and more, either manually or via an automated programme.

If your requirements are for the control of one room in a residential environment or a full lighting solution for a stadium or even an open-plan office, C-Bus can be scaled to fit your needs. All this with a common platform and easy installation practices. The system can also be re-programmed to suit whatever change of use is made to the building. For example you can, with minimal reprogramming work, re-assign the control of an open plan office to a series of single occupant cubicles with virtually no re-cabling required.

Data Centre Efficiency

Business needs are driving IT challenges as never before.
To increase IT productivity, companies are being asked to get more from existing resources and assets, to reduce costs through efficiency, and to control overall IT costs.

Energy efficiency is a top concern as IT managers struggle with rising power bills, cooling problems, usage limits imposed by local utilities, or requirements to deploy additional servers without expanding an existing data center or building a new one. To address energy efficiency effectively, data center managers must look at a variety of issues ranging in scope from the smallest piece of silicon to the entire data center.

Ogham Engineering provide turnkey Data Centre power and cooling solutions from identifying basic areas for improvement to deploying high-density Network-critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI).

We supply and install InfraStruXure® from APC by Schneider Electric which fully integrates power, cooling, rack, management, security and services. InfraStruXure® allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular configurations. InfraStruXure is available for any IT environment, from small server rooms to large data centers.

Data Centre Cooling

Most data centers and network rooms have a variety of basic design and configuration flaws that prevent them from achieving their potential cooling capacity and prevent them from delivering cool air where it is needed.

These problems are generally unrecognized because data centers have typically been operated at power densities well below their design values.

However, recent increases in the power density of new IT equipment are pushing data centers to their design limits and revealing that many data centers are incapable of providing effective cooling as expected.

These areas include: Even when your data center has available power and cooling capacity, it can still have hot spots and other cooling issues. Cooling can be made predictable by closely coupling power and cooling and neutralizing hot air.

Ogham Engineering provide turnkey power and cooling solutions from APC by Schneider Electric, from basic heat removal for low density rack enclosures to Hot Aisle Containment systems which ensures proper air distribution by completely separating supply and return air paths.